Sistem ve Generation Association: Offering Opportunities to Youth through EU Collaboration
Sistem ve Generation Association: Offering Opportunities to Youth through EU Collaboration

Volunteers Enjoy Fruit Picking Event

On July 7 2024, the volunteers from the System & Generation Association attended a special event hosted by Behçet Yurtsever and his family at their countryside home.  The volunteers enjoyed sharing their cultures and savoring a rich Turkish breakfast. Following the breakfast, a delightful fruit picking activity was held, providing an opportunity to meet and connect with wonderful new people. The day concluded with engaging conversations over Bosnian coffee.

Heartfelt thanks go to Behçet Yurtsever and his family, as well as the System & Generation Association, for making this memorable day possible.

How Erasmus+ Enriches Social Life, Language Skills, and Cultural Experiences

I will talk about the benefits of being involved in a social life and doing activities. Erasmus+ provides this. You interact with people from different cultures. The workshops you do are at a level that will affect your socialization and speaking skills.
It's a great opportunity to improve your language. You also have the opportunity to meet many local people, This will give you more social time. The more social you are, the better your speaking skills are. In addition to the activities, our organization also serves in teams. We worked with disabled people. We gained good experiences
Erasmus+ is a school, a path, a horizon opener.
During my Greece project, its culture, food and sea were a real beauty. I finished my 45-day project. I would like to thank the S&G family.

Exploring Opportunities with Ankara Development Agency A Day of Learning and Inspiration

Hello, I am Merve Özcan,
 Today I had the opportunity to visit Ankara Development Agency.  Ankara Development Agency carries out important work in the field of regional development projects and social innovations.  The agency provides support to young entrepreneurs, social responsibility projects and new generation rural development initiatives.
 This visit was made possible thanks to the System and Generation Association.  We attended with our association president Gürkan Akçaer and our other volunteers.  We received detailed information about international opportunities and project writing in the programs organized by the agency.  In the presentations, the benefits of these programs to the lives of young people were emphasized.
 I feel very lucky to be part of such an experience and network.  This experience gave me valuable information and inspiration to plan my future.
 Thank you.

Volunteers from Abroad Visited the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Hello, I am Merve Özcan. I work as a volunteer at the System and Generation Association.
Today, we visited the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) with our volunteers from abroad. During our visit, we were warmly welcomed by the TBMM, and it was a significant experience for our volunteers.
The Turkish Grand National Assembly is the legislative body of Turkey and one of the most important institutions in our country. During our visit, our volunteers had the opportunity to see the history, functioning, and legislative processes of the TBMM up close. This experience helped our volunteers gain a deeper understanding of Turkey and become more acquainted with the country's democratic culture.
We are very happy to have taken our volunteers to such an important institution as the TBMM. We believe that such visits will help broaden young people's perspectives and contribute to their interaction with different cultures. We thank the TBMM officials for their warm hospitality.
Merve Özcan
Volunteer at System and Generation Association

Volunteer Participation from S&G to Turkish Red Crescent Realized

Hello, I am Merve Özcan. I work as a volunteer at System and Generation Association.
Today, as the System and Generation Association, we visited the Turkish Red Crescent. During our visit, we were warmly welcomed and made an important collaboration with our volunteers.
System and Generation Association is a prestigious non-governmental organization based in Ankara, established to facilitate young individuals' access to learning and development opportunities in Europe. The association is involved in project development and implementation, organizing volunteer programs, and providing international mobility and entrepreneurship services. It hosts domestic and international volunteer activities to help young people maximize their cultural and educational potential.
The Turkish Red Crescent is one of Turkey's oldest and most extensive volunteer networks and is a pioneer in humanitarian aid and disaster response. During our visit today, we reached an agreement with the Turkish Red Crescent to include our volunteers in their activities. This collaboration will allow our young volunteers to reach a broader audience and help more people.
As the System and Generation Association, we believe that this collaboration will greatly contribute to the development of our youth and their contributions to society. We would like to thank the Turkish Red Crescent for warmly welcoming us during our visit.
Best regards,
Merve Özcan

In the Heart of Volunteering in Komotini: An Unforgettable ESC Project Experience

This summer, I had one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. Through the Systemand G association, I participated in the European Solidarity Program (ESC) project held in Komotini. This project aimed to help elderly and disabled individuals as volunteers and take care of them, to learn VR glasses experience and social media design. 
By staying in Komotini for about two months, I made memories that I will never forget. One of the best aspects of the project was spending time with my friends from five different countries and doing various activities. During this period, I improved my English a lot. I also had the opportunity to travel all over Greece and see every place during our holidays.  I spent my days helping elderly and disabled people. The bond we established with them during this process was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. The stories each of them told, the difficulties they experienced and their life struggles gave me a different perspective. These two months in Komotini both contributed to my personal development and gave me the indescribable happiness of being useful to society. Systemand G Association's support of such projects and providing such opportunities to young people really contributes greatly to societies raising more sensitive individuals. In conclusion, the ESC project in Komotini showed that volunteering is not just about helping, but also about understanding people, empathy and sharing cultural riches. This experience became a precious treasure that I will carry for the rest of my life. If you want to add meaning to your life and accumulate unforgettable memories, you should definitely consider participating in such a project. 
Thank you for everything System And Generation!
Tahir Rifaioğlu

Mr.Gürkan Akçaer on "Gecenin İçinden" Radio Program

On 14.05.2024, System and Generation President Mr. Gürkan Akçaer was the guest of the "Gecenin İçinden" radio program. During the program, Akçaer shared his views on various topics and made significant statements. If you would like to listen to the program, you can follow this link: Listen here

Summer for Success
Summer for Success

Volunteers' Perspective on War: Boots Made of Ceramics

On Wednesday, July 3, 2024, we held the "Volunteers' Perspective on War: Boots Made of Ceramics" event.  As members of the ALF project and S&G volunteers, we created ceramic boots reflecting the children’s feelings about war and peace under the guidance of Ceramics Instructor Figen Ertem. This meaningful event took place at "Kilin İzinde Seramik Perisi."  As a representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was a great honor for me to participate in this project. Through this process, I had the opportunity to better understand the children's inner worlds and the impact of war on them. Being involved in this project not only encourages art and creativity but also contributes to the emotional and cognitive development of children. The drawings and ceramic boots created by the children deeply affected me, as each piece reflected their inner worlds and emotions. At the end of the event, I was immensely pleased to see the positive impact we had on the children's artistic and personal development. This project has become a source of great pride for children's rights advocates, highlighting the message of peace. The children's ceramic works and project experiences will serve as a lasting source of inspiration for all participants.
Amina Dzafic