This project helped me understand myself. I learned more about the culture of other countries, student parliaments and spent a fun and impressive week in Kosice.
-Titas Šūmakaris
This is the best Erasmus+ project I have participated so far as I have found out how student parliaments in Turkiye and different cities of Slovakia work. I gathered new ideas for my own school parliament. I also improved my skills of using public transport and googlemaps app. 
It was lovely to meet and get to know friendly participants from other countries and visit the Tatra mountains.
-Emilija Venclovė
The project was one of the best I have ever been a part of. The people, the atmosphere, the activities, and the city of Košice left me with unforgettable memories. The highlight of the trip was the Tatra Mountains.
-Gustė Jasulaitytė
I am very happy I had thr opportunity to participate in this project. I made new contacts, had a chance to know more about the Slovak culture and gain new ideas from the student parliaments of Košice region.
-Viktorija Raulinaitytė
In this project, I gained motivation and new ideas for the student parliament work in my school Lithuania. I think that participating in Erasmus+ projects helps to develop useful competences and get to know different cultures. I found new acquaintances in Turkey, and improved our teamwork as well as communication skills in Slovakia.
-Mangirdas Alkevičius
I deepened my knowledge about the challenges youth parliament members face in Slovakia and Turkiye which helps me to understand the situation better.
I'm very thankful for the oppurtunity to visit mountains for the first time to see and be in the high Tatras was breathtaking.
-Antanas Vitkauskas
During the visit in Košice, the highlight for me was I the hike in Tatras. I like all the friendly people in this project and of course cool leaders. The food was very delicious, I felt like I was home. 
This was my first experience in Erasmus project and I give it 10/10. 
-Žygimantas Narušis
One minor thing: I didn't like the conference that much because most of the time I couldn't understand the languange. But overall, everything was perfect.
I am happy about the partner organisations I  worked with and satisfied about the whole project "European Student Parliaments" as it opened up new paths for Lithuanian participants during the study visits in all the 3 countries. 
At the same time, I grew up as a person, as a youth worker and I also know there are many more things to study and eplore for the better future of the young generation. They are motivated, energetic and creative - they can do it! We can do it!
-Rasa Venclovė
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