Today I shared many things from our own culture with the children, for example, Barış Manço's unforgettable children's song "My friend donkey" and Nasrettin Hodja's story "Kazan Doğurdu", I was very excited that it was an international camp, at the same time I presented the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day to the children, I know that their excited state made me more excited and happy, I know that it was also my first time, I know that it added a separate experience.


Hello, we came to the Kokkola, Finland in 30th of May for the ESC project. After the 4 days of orientation and training, we started our offical jobs. In this project; we are playing, dancing and learning more about different cultures with children of summer camp. Today, we showed geographical location of Türkiye to the children and talked about how each region has a different culture, food, dances and local beauties by showing videos of İstanbul/Eagen Sea Region/Mediterrarean Sea Region/ Black Sea Region/ Kapadokya. Last but not least we also watched Sertap Erener's Eurovision performance. Everyone was so interested in the presentation which makes me believe they will remember it forever. We finished the 1st camp of total 3 camps. I hope all of them will continue nicely.





We are eagerly awaiting more story from there. If you want to learn more about the project, touch the link!