During Project Friendship us 10 volunteers, stayed in International Youth Center Villa Elba and worked in Kokkola and surrounding villages in schools with the theme “friendship” . Us volunteers created various workshops for kids to learnd how to create and maintain a friendship as well as the qualities of a good friend. Our main aim was preventing loneliness by teaching children while they were playing and having fun. While we were working on creating workshops, we learned how to engage in a community and help overcome inconviniences . The tasks that we had helped us develop new and improve the competences that we already had. This project showed us, we are more capable than we assume ourselves to be. Under the favor of this project we grew a lot as people who are aware of their environment and respectful towards the others. Working as a team was precious.

Nas Zeynep 


During this project we stayed in same house for a month as 10 volunteers.In that way we gained so much knowledge about different cultures and countries.Project was so useful for us to gain our social skills.International youth center Villa Elba was so great to us big thanks to villa elba family.Our goal was trying to make children more confident about making friends and being more sociable.We prepared some tasks for them and played lots of games together with the kids.Amazing project amazing experience lots of great memories.


Here is a link to some photos from the project: Link