Our volunteer Merve Özcan successfully completed the project follow-up. The "Media and Democracy: Speaking the Unspoken" training program, held in Durres, Albania from March 9-15, concluded successfully. Participant Merve Özcan conducted a dissemination event at Ankara University Faculty of Communication.
During the training, critical issues such as media ethics, freedom of expression, and the impact of democracy on media were discussed. These themes were shared in detail with participants at a meeting organized at Ankara University. Throughout the presentations, emphasis was placed on the opportunities offered by System and Generation, the Council of Europe, and the ERASMUS+ programs, and international educational, volunteering, and internship opportunities were presented for young people aged 18-30.
The event was attended by 15 students from various disciplines studying media, communication, and photography. Thanks to the active questions and interactions of the participants, the session was highly interactive. This program, which also described the work of the System and Generation Association, successfully increased young people's interest in educational and volunteering projects abroad.
At the end of the training program, it was ensured that the youth better understood the relationship between media and democracy and discovered opportunities to participate in international arenas. We thank System and Generation Association and all other related associations for their valuable efforts. We hope that such trainings continue to contribute to the career development of young people.