Hello! I’m Beren from Turkey and I have the pleasure of being a European Solidarity Corps volunteer in Komotini, Greece. This is my first ESC project and I’m really glad to be here.  
The name of our project is “Upgrade your Neighborhood, Brand your Town - Green Edition”. As you can understand, we’re here to keep the environment clean and do our best for the local community. 
In my time here, I’ve been involved in different new experiences and met with so many people. Some of them are local, and some of them are from different countries. Also, I visited the care center for people with disabilities here, and did my volunteer work for them. It was beneficial for my self-awareness and personal development. I’ve learned to be a more communicative and active person during the project. Now I have a lot of memories and experiences here, thanks to System & Generation for this unforgettable opportunity.

Is there anything more wonderful in the world than learning new things every day?  This is exactly what the Erasmus program is for me. Experience, new friendships, cultural interaction, improving the language, this place is great for a student.
You can gain experience in every field with System and G activities.
When you interact with people, you feel like your horizons are expanding, your self-confidence is renewed, you feel like you've invested in yourself forever.
I work in an association for people with walking disabilities.
I work with people who need help and learn how to care for them.
Perpato, a wonderful association, provides us with great opportunities in this regard.
System and G is not just an Erasmus program for you.
This is a life lesson, an experience to be gained. by Orhan Yiğit Öztürk