Let’s hear what they have to say;
Atakan: Participating in the Erasmus program and being involved in Project
Friendship has been an extraordinary experience. Not only did I have the
opportunity to go abroad, but I also had the chance to form deep connections
with people from diverse backgrounds. Project Friendship provided a platform for
us to bond over shared experiences, laughter, and mutual support. It’s incredible
how friendships formed during this project have continued to thrive, even after
returning home. I am immensely grateful for the lifelong friendships I’ve gained
through Erasmus and Project Friendship
Baturay: Project Friendship has been a transformative journey for me. Before
embarking on this adventure, I never realized the true value of friendship and the
impact it could have on my life. Through this project, I met individuals who quickly
became my closest confidants, offering support during both the highs and lows of
studying abroad. The memories we created together are cherished treasures that
I will carry with me forever. Erasmus Project Friendship has not only broadened
my academic horizons but has also enriched my life in ways I never thought
Nas: Erasmus Project Friendship exceeded all my expectations. From the
moment I stepped into the program, I was embraced by a community of like-
minded individuals who shared my passion for exploration and discovery.
Together, we navigated the challenges of going abroad and celebrated the
triumphs. What stood out the most was the genuine camaraderie and bond we
formed through Project Friendship. It’s incredible how a group of strangers could
come together and form such deep connections in such a short amount of time.​