"Media and Democracy; Speaking the Unspoken Training Course" in Albania
Speaking the Unspeakable training course was organized in the Balkans by PVN (Peace Volunteering Network), EYF (European Youth Foundation), and the Council of Europe.  Merve Özcan and Hayriye Özkan from SG attended.

Özcan, who is a journalism student and liked the program very much, expressed his feelings as follows;
 "I have not been in such a positive and positive environment for a very long time. I had a wonderful relationship with wonderful people. Hearing about media and democracy from experts in the field, understanding the situation in the Balkans and doing group work on this issue was a very valuable experience for me. To Oltiana Rama, Ivan Thank you very much to Domezetoski, Emma, and Laert. Let's talk about the unspoken things and spread democracy!
 Psychology student H. Özkan expressed his experience of observing the experiences he has gained in his field in the media and democracy environment with the following words: "Being in this environment where the participants can express themselves well and nothing is wrong, but expressions are conveyed with respect, contributed to my experiences from a different perspective. In the field of psychology, "I was very pleased with the interest and value shown by the participants."
 "Our hope has branched out"
 At the same time, Merve Özcan, who learned the news that 12 of our soldiers were martyred in the Claw-Lock Operation carried out in Iraq on December 23, 2023, while she was on a volunteer project in Albania, donated an olive tree, a symbol of peace, to Albania in order not to leave her country alone.
 Özcan, who went to water the tree months later, expressed his feelings as follows.
 "The hope of our world has grown, I am very excited and happy. It is a pleasure to see that a symbol of peace has been added to the lands of Tirana and that this added symbol is growing and branching out."
 Merve Özcan, who planted the tree at the 15 July Democracy Square, which TİKA had previously built in Lake Tirana, thanks the Albanian people and official institutions for their helpfulness and support.
 The following words of Yaşar Kemal are included in the monument:
 If mountains, people, and even death are tired, now is the most beautiful poem;  It is peace.
 Following the project, a total of 2 workshops will be held, each lasting 1 hour, which will facilitate the dissemination of the project and the inclusion of participants.  It is very valuable to support such a project in Turkiye.