Mrs. Caratina Silvander and two volunteers signed the Volunterring Agreement in Villa Elba for Volunteering Teams Project Firendship which will take place soon.

Project title: Project Friendship

Project number: 2022-1-FI01-ESC51-VTJ-000080254

Project time: 12.4.-8.5.2024

Description of the role and tasks of the volunteer, the practical arrangements and expected learning outcomes:

Arrival day is 12.4. to Youth Centre Villa Elba (address Sannanrannantie 60, 67200 Kokkola). 

Orientation and On-arrival training 13.-14.4.2024

Work tasks
After the on-arrival training volunteers plan and organize workshops about friendship in the area in schools. This work is done together with Villa Elba’s staff. The project aims to prevent loneliness by providing people with the opportunity to develop their friendship and interaction skills.

Expected Learning Outcomes:
During the project, volunteers will learn not only new working methods, but also about the rules and expectations of working life, and how to work together with different kinds of people. Volunteers will learn about living in a multicultural environment and about daily living skills such as preparing food for themselves and taking care of their environment.