Merve Özcan, member and volunteer of our association, talks about her volunteering adventures in Albania.

Özcan, who participated in the Volunteerism Project in Albania, one of S&G's projects, shares his experiences as follows;

"Since I came here, I have had the opportunity to take part in many activities both for our Association and for solidarity projects. With Beyond Barriers Assocation, meeting disadvantaged children groups in Albania, playing games and doing various activities, as well as getting to know a different culture, is a very important opportunity for me."

It was an experience. As I have always believed, I saw that the language of love and sincerity are the best means of communication. The bond we have established with children in various disability groups will remain a very important bond for me. Meeting volunteers from all over the world through volunteering has now become a goal "Setting out for the future and making good friends were the biggest gains I gained throughout the project."

In addition, Merve Özcan, who had the opportunity to visit local associations of Albania on behalf of S&G, stated that she was very honored to have the opportunity to do this experience on behalf of her country.

Özcan met with Oltiana Rama and Armela Pengili and explained the activities of our association and together with 2 countries. He chatted about what could be done. Albania's local associations focus on gender equality, disadvantaged groups, media and democracy, human rights, volunteering, etc. The two countries came together in themed meetings and it was discussed that they would come together for better work in the future.