Our Erasmus+ KA210-YOU is slowly coming to an end. The last mobility of the project is 11-18/06/2024 in Kosice. Let's see what our team is thinking. 
Within the scope of the Erasmus project, we are in Slovakia for the third mobility of the European Youth Council-themed project, together with the youth council representatives of Turkey's distinguished schools. Slovakia, also the project coordinator, is hosting this event. The first mobility of the project took place in Lithuania, where we gained unforgettable experiences and knowledge. Then we hosted the team in Turkey and tried our best to welcome our guests with a variety of wonderful activities. Now, we are in Slovakia for the final mobility.
Here, we are gaining new and diverse experiences, including many networking activities, school visits, a visit to the municipal youth council, and opportunities to observe and share information about the practices of the European Youth Parliaments of three countries. The participants not only gained insights about the European Youth Parliament, but also strengthened our values of friendship, sharing, cooperation, and team spirit, creating unforgettable memories.
I would like to extend my gratitude first to the System and Generation Association and our wonderful young people, and then to the Slovakian team for their hospitality and kindness in hosting us.
-Gülçin Aslan
The Erasmus+ is going amazingly effective and amazing so far. I believe it taught me a lot about solving generic problems in our parliaments and had a chance to understand the culture. I believe at the end of the mobility I will have a lot of new friends and amazing memories. Let's see where it goes.
-İsra Sezin Bağıröz
We have been in Košice since 11.06.2024. It seems to be a very productive project in which I have learned a lot since my arrival, and it also seems to be a full-fledged program that does not lag behind in terms of effectiveness. I think the continuation of the project will be very good. In terms of content, I learned a lot from the event we held and our visit to the local government, especially about how we can improve our presentation. For example, Slovakia was divided into 8 regions and each had its own small administrative unit.
-İmran Çiçekli
Since I came to Kosice, we have done many fun and inspiring activities with our team. Culture night was a good opportunity for us to get to know the countries of other groups.
We also learned a lot about student parliaments and I think we can use this to improve our own student parliaments. I hope the rest of the program continues this way.
-Yusuf Emir Apa
We arrived in Slovakia on Tuesday evening 11.06.2024 and it has been both fun and productive so far. We have had the chance to visit several schools such as Gymnázium Šrobárova, Watson's Business Academy, Pavol Horov Gymnasium Michalovce where we learned about how they operate, the opportunies presented and also their student parlements. We've also received a very warm welcome from all the participants. It is simply amazing how much each team has bonded. It is as if we've known each other for years. Although the trip has to come to an end, I wish the bonds and experiences stay eternal.
-Oğuz Kaan Üstün
We have only been here for a few days, but I can say that these three days have provided us with an easily understandable improvement. In my perspective the cultural bond we create with our friends from different countries creates a very important interaction for all parties. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who provided us with such a great opportunity, especially Gürkan and Gülçin teacher.  With my best regards.
-Erdem Vatansever
The journey and the city of Kosice itself were amazing. We visited gymnasiums in Kosice and Michalovce. During these visits, I learned how the student parliaments in Slovakia work, and I had the chance to compare them with ours.
Through other activities such as our sightseeing tour and culture night, I had the opportunity to learn about other cultures, and they were really fun. The hospitality of the Slovakians and the cooperation of the Lithuanians were amazing, and I think we make a good team with them.
-Muhammed Miraç Öztürk
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