ATTENTION Where are you, our new volunteer?

IZUM youth club (NGO Youth Club Active) is looking for a long-term volunteer in the European Solidarity Corps program from May 2024.

The long-term goal of this project is to provide to the volunteer an opportunity to learn and develop him/herself through work with children and youngsters in the youth organisation

Project objectives
Introducing the volunteer to the concept of non-formal learning through Solidarity Corps priorities; creating an appropriate timetable for her/his in accordance with volunteer needs, expectations and skills; facilitating the process of self-assessment for both the volunteer and the youth; providing the participant with opportunities to develop a workshop routine to realize her/his admissions and aspirations, on a voluntary basis; promoting intercultural communication and diversity through involving the volunteer into life of a foreign country and its minority community; promoting tolerance, interculturality and equality; facilitating development of creative and communication skills, fostering intercultural learning.We intend this project to bring positive and stimulating influence on the volunteer themselves, as well as on the youth volunteer will be in contact with. We believe this project will facilitate personal growth of the volunteer, making more independent and selfconfident, ready to take initiative and bring ideas into life. We aim to provide the volunteer opportunities to realize their own ideas and aspirations in action through working with the youth.

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