The aim of the Fundación Condado de Taboada is to support medical profession with the focus of fighting against cancer and promote social and economic development of all citizens in general and of those groups that are in a situation of vulnerability and exclusion. The foundation focuses on working with local communities and creating activities which also raises awareness about the topic.

Vision and Mission:
sustainable rural development within the focus on environmental education, fight against the climate change and development of sustainable agriculture practices in rural areas and increasing capacity of local community and organizations protecting cultural heritage through recording endangered practices, skills and knowledge in Galicia fight against cancer within the focus on investigation, prevention and awareness raising entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship education through the facilitation virtual world transformation of young people in order to increase youth employability, inclusion of marginalised young people

Target Groups:
Young people with fewer opportunities and youth organizations Cancer patients and families, cancer survivals and cancer organizations Local communities and local authorities Small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs

-Sustainable Rural Development Program
-Cultural Heritage Program
-Entrepreneurship Program
-Fight Against Cancer Program

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