Participant's profile: young people, youth with fewer opportunities, for example minorities/migrants,
unemployed/low salaries, temporary jobs; lack of self-confidence; people who have never traveled;
low education; learning difficulties; from disadvantaged areas, geographical isolation and rural areas;
low/nil English level, though it would be recommended that one of the two country representatives has
command of English.
Participants: total 12 persons (2 persons/country, basic level of English recommended) x 4 flows
1st done ESC Team project dates: May 2023 (1 month)/2.5.-1.6.2023 CLOSED
 2nd done ESC Team project dates: September/October 2023 (1 month)/17.9. - 16.10.2023 CLOSED
 3rd flow ESC Team project dates: May 2024 (1 month) OPEN 08.05-07.06.2024
 4th flow ESC Team project dates: September 2024 (1 month)  NOT OPEN YET
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