Teach and Learn 3 (??) is a youth exchange program coordinated by the Municipality of Calvià, Majorca, Spain and implemented in Italy. The project connects and brings together 30 young people from European Union and beyond to meet each other, to learn about each other’s cultures and increase their wellbeing.

Teach and Learn 3 is a space where participants and national leaders will create and facilitate workshops to each other’s to increase their wellbeing choosing specific topics that are relevant for them.


Main Goals

* Learn about wellbeing and how to make our life style healthier and more balances

* Learn and share cultural features from the participants’ countries of origin

* Improve soft skills in an international context like leadership, cooperation, communication, mediation, personal expression and attitudes like pro-activity, problem solving and self-esteem

* Improve competencies related to non-formal education, creation and facilitation of workshops of different kind and using different methodologies

*What can you learn?

The main learning points we identified are the following. Nevertheless, this experiences allows participant to develop their individual learning according to their needs.
Get involve actively and develop the learning path that suits you the most!

- Competencies in the field of wellbeing that affect the mental and physical levels 

- Cultural elements of Spain, Italy, Turkey and Georgia (dances, food, music, history, folk, economy and more)

- Intercultural skills: how to live in an international community

Participants will also improve their competencies in other areas:

- Language skills: improve the ability to express oneself and interact in English and also in other mother tongues of the national groups.

- Personal awareness and understanding of oneself, one's own needs.

Working methods

​The project is based mainly on non-formal education methods. It counts on the active and creative involvement of all participants and on the contribution that each national group will bring. Non-formal learning provides a learning environment where people with different background and competencies on a certain topic can improve them. It is based on interactive methods that count on the active participation of the learners and on their contributions. It doesn't count on exams and certifications are made through self-assessment. Includes activities like interactive presentations, educational games, quizzes, simulations, reflections and sharing, discussions, group assignments, outdoor and movement activities.

Alcohol-free policy

This project is alcohol free. We believe it is good for the social environment and for the active and positive involvement of the participants. If you believe you are unable to socialize and have fun without drinking alcohol, you have a choice: take part in the project and challenge yourself in connecting with people and enjoying without drinking or don’t apply.
On last night people will have the chance to taste good local wine as part of the cultural experience. (??)

Working language

English is the main languages of the project. We will use a simplified international version of English easy to understand.

Phases of the project

February 2024:
* Partner organizations share the information about the project and they form their national groups and buy the travel tickets.
* We have the first national group leaders’ online meeting

March 2024:
* National groups prepare 3 workshops about topics related to healthy life style and wellbeing that are important for them, the workshops will be facilitated by them during the project.
* National groups will prepare also an interactive and playful presentation of their country and culture.
* We have the second national group leaders’ online meeting

26th March – 8th April 2024: The youth exchange is happening!

April 2024: Follow-up activities: It is about filling in an evaluation form, fill in the Youthpass certificate and writing/recording a testimony about the experience and share it online. Participants send also the travel documents needed for the travel reimbursement.
In order to let us know that you have read fully the information of the project and you know what you are applying for, please write the key words “Teach and Learn 3” in the correct spot in the application form.

The venue


Village of 54 inhabitants, is located in the countryside on the hills of southern Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo. It is a quiet destination for nature and outdoor activities lovers. The village has no shops, only two restaurants and a bar.

Bergolo has a long tradition of music, art and, in general, cultural festivals. Since 2018 it has regularly hosted youth exchanges and training courses organized by various associations and public entities.

Check the place here!

[pictures you can find them here: https://newwideeurope.wixsite.com/website]

Food and healthy life style:


- Travel reimbursement

  1. For people resident in Italy the travel reimbursement budget is up to €

  2. For people resident in Spain the travel reimbursement budget is up to €

  3. For people resident in Turkey the travel reimbursement budget is up to €

  4. For people resident in Georgia the travel reimbursement budget is up to €

A common bus will bring participants and leaders from Milan airports to Bergolo, location of the exchange; the cost of the bus is paid by the organizers. 

Participants and leaders will be accommodated Alveare Hostel which has rooms with 2, 3 and 4 beds and shared bathrooms. Bed sheets and towels are provided.

- Food
3 meals per day + 2 coffee break will be offered to participants and leaders. Also those costs are covered by a co-funding of the Erasmus+ program. We focus on making inclusive menus in line with the diets and allergies of the participants.
We follow the main principles of healthy heating as introduced here.
We plan to include meet in the menu every second day and to have a 0-fried policy. If you can’t stand not eating meet every day you have a choice: come and challenge yourself trying healthier eating habit or not to apply for this project: it would become an unpleasant experience for you and for the organizers.

- Practical support
Participants will be involved in light house duties (cleaning the common areas, take care of their own bedroom, support the kitchen team with the use of the dishwasher, check that people is on time and similar). That will be done in small international groups with a duties rotation system. Taking care together of our home and of our own needs, not being served by somebody else, increases our common sense of ownership toward the experience and our sense of community.

- Participation fee*

As Spanish organizers, we didn’t set a participation fee for this project.
Check with the partner organization from your country if they have a membership fee or a participation fee planned.

Participants’ profile

• Young people officially resident in Spain, Italy, Georgia and Turkey that don’t need visa to travel to Italy.

• With an age between 18 and 30 years

• Interested in the main topics of the project

• Interested in taking an active and creative role in the project: don’t come as a receiver but as a protagonist!

• Available to take active part in all phases of the project, to contribute in the creation of workshops upon the topic of wellbeing before the exchange and to facilitate them during the exchange.

National Leaders’ profile

• Have the same characteristics of the participants but their age is between 20 and 45.

• They have previous experiences in youth exchanges as participants or leaders.

• They are available and interested in coordinating their national team in all phases of the project (preparation phase and follow-up as well), that means that the leaders organize meetings online or in presence with their national groups

• Willing to practice organizational roles within the Organizing Team and available to take active part in daily Team meetings and in taking care of other tasks out of the program schedule (being a Team member is a rewarding and intense experience which embraces almost the full day!) 

• Fluent in English and in the language of their national groups

We welcome young people living  challenging situations because of social, economic, cultural or geographical factors or different types of special needs. Let us know in the application form how we can support you in taking active part in the project

Coordinating organizations

Program of the exchange and administration

Municipality of Calvià

S&G Youth Club members have got the priortiy:   S&G Club - System & Generation (systemandgeneration.com)

Apply to: https://forms.gle/BxVRgqmoq5M1r6V19