We came to Kokkola to Volunteering Project in the Villa Elba between 8.7.23-9.7.23. This was the first volunteering project I participated in. I met a lot of nice friends in this project. I tried things I've never tried before. I did kayaking and sup for the first time. I jumped into the ocean from a great height for the first time. Thanks to these experiences, I discovered myself more. I went to the sauna with my teammates, swam in the bay, shared dinners and worked. We listened to concerts together, we went to karaoke, we camped. I also met a lot of nice people and learned a lot about Finland thanks to the Kokkola Cup that I volunteered for. It was one one of those months i will remember always. Therefore i would like to thanks to System and Generation Association and Villa Elba.


Leaving my comfort zone, I learned to live with people from different cultures, to overcome difficulties and to share common responsibilities with a sustainable life. It has been an incredible experience for me. It was an adventure full of Finland's fascinating nature and unique friendships. We overcame the language barrier by speaking English and on this adventure, we formed incredible bonds with both locals and nature.