Mobility for Creativity: "My Boots Are Beautiful" in partnership with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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We are proud to share with you the “My Boots Are Beautiful” project written and coordinated by Şeyma Korkmaz and Gentjana Hasa from the group. 
The “My Boots Are Beautiful” project was inspired by the small Ada. The aim of this project was to convey a message of peace through art. The project was also a collaboration between Turkey and Bosnia. We wanted to convey a message through art from a country that did not experience genocide and from a country that did. 
For the first time, we saw the words “war” and “peace” written with a strong message to others not only in Tolstoy’s book but also in the pages of our small project. In this project, we aimed to understand how children aged 7-9 define these two words. It was a completely different feeling to see small hands but big minds paint what we wanted – the most beautiful boots in their opinion. 
The joy in their eyes when they learned that their drawings would be exhibited at the Albania ALF Forum in 2025 was indescribable. For us, this was not just a project; it was a powerful message that showed how some little hands can write and paint powerful messages, something that others cannot convey through cameras or writing. Their little hands spoke not only on the small canvases of a few centimeters, but also in the colors they chose.
Watching them work with such passion, we noticed something very special: their hands and clothes were covered in paint, but for them it didn’t matter. And there, together, I heard the following sentence: “How beautiful it is that we will be the voice of those who are not given the opportunity to speak.”
We would like to thank Küçük Ada for inspiring us with her little words, and also our team members for helping us bring this project to life. Finally, we would like to end with this sentence: Children are the future of every nation and the symbol of peace.’
“When I first wrote this project, I never thought that it would affect me and many people so much and create such a big connection. Many points that made me emotional while writing them also brought me to tears while implementing them. I never knew how to explain the war to the children. I told them to draw boots for their friends who were in the war and these boots would be sent to them. This idea excited them very much and they were motivated to draw colorful and beautiful boots. Boots covered in mud, silent screams of little children... I hope our children's boots get dirty just for playing, not while running away from war.”
Şeyma Korkmaz & Gentjana Hasa

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