Hello, my name is Mert, and I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ project on Language Animation in Toulouse, France from 1st July to 8th July. This experience was truly enriching and eye-opening for me. The project brought together a diverse group of language enthusiasts from various countries, fostering a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. Throughout the week, we engaged in interactive workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and exciting cultural excursions, all aimed at exploring innovative techniques to make language learning more engaging and accessible. Toulouse, with its rich history and lively atmosphere, provided the perfect setting for this educational journey. As the program unfolded, I developed a deep understanding of the importance of effective language animation and its potential to enhance language acquisition. Moreover, I formed meaningful connections and lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for languages. Overall, this Erasmus+ project in Toulouse was a transformative experience that broadened my horizons, deepened my knowledge, and left a lasting impact on both my personal and professional development.

Berfin Kemal:

Hi, my name is Berfin Kemal, and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Erasmus+ project called "EUROPE OF LANGUAGES: LINGUISTIC ANIMATION FOR THE STRENGTHENING OF EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP." This project, which took place within the framework of Erasmus+ 2021-2027, focused on equipping young workers with the necessary resources to utilize language animation through games as a means to promote multilingualism in international activities and projects.

The primary objective of this mobility of workers in the youth field was to address the lack of training in language animation and its duration, which often falls short in providing individuals with the tools and methods required to work effectively with young people. With this project, we aimed to fill this gap by offering an extensive training program that would enable participants to utilize language facilitation as a powerful tool to encourage communication and motivate language learning in Erasmus+ projects.

Throughout the project, we had specific objectives that guided our activities and discussions. One of these objectives was to provide youth workers with a diverse range of tools for implementing linguistic animation in both their participation and the organization of international projects. We also emphasized the importance of exchanging experiences, good practices, and methodological tools related to linguistic animation, enabling participants to learn from each other and broaden their understanding of effective language facilitation.

Moreover, we dedicated time and effort to work on creating language animation resources that can be accessed and utilized in future international projects. By doing so, we aimed to leave a lasting impact and ensure that the benefits of language animation extend beyond the scope of this project. We also aimed to establish a network of partnerships to foster collaboration and develop future projects that promote language animation in various social fields.

One of the core aspirations of this project was to contribute to the personal, social, and professional development of the participants. We strived to create a learning method that would allow individuals to develop specific and transversal skills related to the project theme. By the end of the project, each participant was expected to create a set of language animation games that they could utilize in their future activities and projects within their respective organizations and local communities.

The experience was incredibly enriching and rewarding. I had the opportunity to interact with passionate and dedicated individuals from various backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. Through workshops, discussions, and practical activities, we explored innovative approaches to language animation and discovered creative ways to engage young people in language learning.

Feyza Sevilmis:

Thanks to System & Generation Association, I had the opportunity to participate in a training course in Toulouse, France, in July 2023.  The course, which was a melting pot of cultures and languages, presented us with good practices and methodological tools related to linguistic animation and enabled us to create a set of language animation games for future activities and projects, which I believe has contributed to my personal and professional development.

Moreover, I had the chance to meet lovely participants from various European countries. During the intercultural night, we had the opportunity to serve Turkish treats to the other participants, taste the ones from other countries and practice some traditional dances.

I would like to thank System & Generation Association for offering me the chance to attend this course.