In the middle of January 2023 young group of volunteers from System and Generation went to Bodrum to take part in women empowerment project, where they had to work in the nature and build a washhouse in the middle of nowhere. with the hosting Association  "the Artemis" the heavy work seemed more like a therapy. This is why volunteers decided to visit Bodrum once more and finish the work they have started.  The washhouse is almost ready to host more people, volunteers created more recreation places for future volunteers, with space for yoga and therapy. The doghouses are also ready to host more stray dogs and create a warm home for them. The project is still ongoing until the end of June. volunteers plan to clear all the Area to plant big trees and create a training camp for the local Children with a small cafe, where their parents can drink cold coffee in hot summer and watch after their kids. The project's main Idea is creating a permaculture garden, which should be open as an EcoYouth camp for people. As the idea is still new to Locals the organization is trying to  gain trust and raise their(parent's as well as children's) awareness about protection of the Environment with the theory of 7R-s of Environment.