Today one of our volunteers Isa KASUM, from North Macedonia joined an open community event of running/sports in order to develop the understanding of the common values and sheer spirit through sports that was the main dynamo throughout the centuries. The Anna Lindh Foundation is an organization that was established in memory of Anna Lindh, the former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs who was tragically assassinated in 2003. The foundation aims to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between people of different cultures and religions in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

One of the ways that the Anna Lindh Foundation promotes intercultural dialogue is through sports. The foundation organizes sports activities and events that bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds to play, compete, and interact with one another.

RunAnkara team is a great opportunity to engage in sports activities and cultural exchange with people from Turkiye and it is also welcoming the international expats, students in Ankara, the capital city of Turkiye, is a wonderful place to do so. To organize an Erasmus+ sports activity in Ankara with the Turkish community, here are some steps you could take:

  1. Contact a local sports club or community center in Ankara that specializes in the type of sport you are interested in. You can find such organizations online or by reaching out to the Turkish National Agency for Erasmus+.
  2. Reach out to the community center or sports club and explain your intentions to organize an Erasmus+ sports activity with the Turkish community. You may need to present your Erasmus+ project idea and explain how your activity aligns with the Erasmus+ program goals.
  3. Work with the local sports club or community center to plan and organize your sports activity. You can collaborate with them to determine the best time, date, and location for the activity, as well as the necessary equipment and facilities.
  4. Publicize your Erasmus+ sports activity to the Turkish community in Ankara. You can use social media, flyers, and local media outlets to promote your activity and invite people to participate.
  5. When the day of the activity arrives, ensure that everything is in place and that participants are aware of the schedule and any necessary safety precautions. During the activity, facilitate interaction between participants from different countries and cultures, and encourage them to learn from each other.

By following these steps, you can organize a successful Erasmus+ sports activity in Ankara with the Turkish community. Remember that the purpose of the Erasmus+ program is to promote cultural exchange and cooperation, so make sure to prioritize these goals throughout the planning and execution of your activity.