The Journey, an Erasmus+ project with partners from Denmark, Sweden, Greece & Turkey.

One of the aims of the project is to inform young people about other cultures. This will be done by participants filming a portrait of themselves by answering the questions on Page 2. Furthermore, they are also required to speak about their their Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Videos sent towards our project will be presented in a user-friendly interface on. the projects website at 

Your video should introduce us to one intangible cultural heritage listed for your country at


Content to send:

  • It should be filmed in portrait (selfie) mode and with your mobile phone.
  • The audio must be clear and audible.
  • Must be at least 720p quality and filmed in 1080 x 1920 format.
  • Duration: Maximum 3 minutes (1:30 minutes for your portrait video & 1:30 for identifying your Intangible Cultural Heritage video from the link above for your


  • Practice filming a few times and try not to have gaps between your answers.
  • Film yourself with a blank or white background.


Thanks to our volunteers for translating this call in total of 8 languages!

Click here to see translated versions.