On the 19/May/2022, first in Hıdırlık Tepesi, Beypazarı district, it was held an international kite festival and then in Kelebekler Vadisi, near Kozalan organized by System and Generation Association and Municipality of Beypazarı within the "FairPlay 4 Inclusion" Project. 

In the kite festival that was held in Beypazarı, there was a festive atmosphere where not only the volunteers but all the residents celebrated this marked day. In fact, there were two celebrations one had to do with the kite festival, and the second, on 19 May, was Youth and Sports Day. The festival was for hours where there was no lack of competition for the highest kite in the sky. Certainly a magical festive atmosphere with faces smiling by everyone. At the festival, all the young people had a kite with them, and of course, there was also a Turkish flag in their hands. All happy we hope it will be another sporting activity like this. 

In the hiking, Volunteers have admired the beautiful landscapes and their reach flora, while socializing with locals and school students that were also enjoying a warm Sunday in the nature. They have shared their passion for the environment and pointed out the importance of leaving the untouched places that we discover the way we found them: clean.

S&G believes in the benefits of an active lifestyle and in the prevention of addictions and unhealthy habits, thus encouraging every youth in taking part with us in Sports inclusive activities.      






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Date: 19/May/2022

Venue: Hıdırlık Tepesi- Kelebekler Vadisi, Beypazarı/Ankara

Activity carried out: All day

Aims: Promote sports activities, raise awareness on a healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, promote physical activity, let the participants get in touch with people with other nationalities, and offer them the opportunity to socialize and to learn more about team-spirit and team-collaboration through sports.

Target Group:

Number of participants: 53 (5 from the category of ‘fewer opportunities’)

Direct Beneficiaries: Participants, youth with fewer opportunities, local people

Indirect Beneficiaries: Project's Partners, Local Community, EU – Turkey relations;