The second activity of the MAD You. You can make a Difference project, the first activity in Morocco between 17-30 March, started yesterday in the Beypazarı district of Ankara. 6 volunteers from 4 different countries will be hosted until 21 May.

In the project, which focuses on environmental activities and social awareness, volunteers carry out environmental cleaning activities and farm works and organize English-speaking clubs about ecological awareness in the surrounding schools.


Let's get to know some of our volunteers together!

Nikhil from India

‘‘Hello everyone, I’m Nikhil. I’m from India, but I'm working in Italy and representing there in this project. This is my first project, and I want to get knowledge from all the participants, and I want to share my knowledge as well. I hope this will be a great experience and will give me much more knowledge about climate change.’’

Zainab from Morocco

‘‘My name is Zainab; I’m from Morocco. It's my second project abroad, and today I'm in Turkey. I want to gain knowledge about other participants' cultures and getting touch with different societies and environments. I expect to get more knowledge about climate change from this project.’’

Ayoub from Morocco

‘‘Hello everyone, I’m Ayoub from Morocco. It's my first volunteering and abroad experience, and I want to know about the culture and environment. I feel so excited to take part in this project.’’

Day 2

On the 9th of May, the volunteers from Romania, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, and Italy started their day by discovering the Ankara Unıversity. The dean welcomed us wıth joy and pleasure as he took us on tour around the unıversity and introduced us to all the professors who are teaching there and the specialties available in it. We attended a Banking and Insurance lesson when the teacher explained to us the financial sector and the number of years required to study this section, and the jobs we can obtain when we obtain the certificate.We have attended the second lesson, which was the Jewelry Design lesson, so the professor began to explain to us how to make jewelry, as well as the name of the machines that are used in these handicrafts and the function of each one of them, how to melt silver, make rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry, as well as how to color and color the gemstone.We attended the third lesson. It was a culinary lesson, so the professor began to explain to us how to prepare dishes and the name of the machines used in cooking, and the function of each one of them. She also told us about the famous traditional dishes in their city.At the end of our day, we planted wicks in the backyard of the university garden so that the all volunteers participated in planting one or two trees for each one of them to create an ample green space that pleased the onlookers and combat desertification and creating a green environment. 

We also gave a name to every tree that we planted. We will be responsible for the trees we planted for two weeks with the university students, and we will visit the university every day to water them. These planted trees will be entrusted to the students at the university and Turkish volunteers as a memory of 9 May Europe Day and the MAD You project.


Day 3


We started our day by watering our trees planted yesterday, so we took great care of -BabySoil-, -Groot-, -Zlatan- and -Tülay- 

Then, we got the chance to briefly meet the amazing pupils of Beypazarî through some English conversation clubs, which sometimes turned not only into Q&A sessions but also into dancing and singing classes. Of course, we used this opportunity to talk to them about Erasmus+ benefits and how they can access such mobilities by sharing with them our experience Also, we raised awareness of the local environment and event, and we even played games with them!! After a well-worth break, we returned to the high school, where we had dynamic activities:)

Volunteers got involved in sports activities with the children and created a strong bonding during a volleyball match.

Language barriers were not a problem because the students had a medium level of English knowledge, and also, volunteers had already developed a small vocabulary in Turkish.The volunteers, along with the children, worked together as a team and created a beautiful tree on one of the high school’s walls. They put their hands in paint to make the leaves, flowers, and butterflies, to support the idea of protecting and keeping a clean environment.

Also, volunteers, coordinators, and students had a lot of fun due to the opportunity to be creative and use a lot of colors and clean the workspace.


At the end of the day, the children seemed happy with the experience, so they exchanged Instagram accounts with the volunteers to keep in touch and took pictures as memories.The word for today is GRATEFULNES!We must be thankful for the way people can communicate with us today, even though their English is not perfect, and most of all, for their friendship.



Day 4


Jumping into the 4th day of Mad EU project.

The day started with lots of energy you can just say that by seeing this picture.We went to Ankara University to take care of the plants which we planted on Monday. We pampered them by watering every plant. After that, we met few professors and discussed the things about the presentation. In a couple of minutes the presentation is going to start about Erasmus programme. Participants held an information event at Ankara university beypazarı vocational school branch. During an event student's of institution were introduced to various European programs such as European solidarity corps, Erasmus+ internships and erasmus for you entrepreneurs.Rovena from System and generation giving the presentation about European solidarity corps and Rim giving a detailed experience he had in Brazil and the opportunities for young entrepreneurs to start a business from Erasmus Fund. Ezra, the coordinator of System and generation giving a precise description on the opportunities the participants can have with the Erasmus projects.

DAY 5 

Another exciting day started today in Beypazarı. Volunteers took action in various activties during a day. As the day started participants once again visited Ankara Unıversity Vocational School. We started a day with a painting activity which raised awareness about various enviromental issues such as deforestation, fires, pollution. To see just a few works of volunteers and students you can see below: 




After creative activity students went to visit Beypazarı city museum. During a visit participants gained knowledge about Turkish culture and history. In addition to this they got to know city history better as well. A visit helped participants to better understand development of modern Turkey and Beypazarı city.After the visit at the museum participants started another activity – cleaning competition. During it volunteers picked litters and waste on the streets of Beypazarı. This activity involved participants from local community as well. Workers of Beypazarı Municipality and local disabled people joined an initiative. After the activity every participant at least by a small input helped a planet and local community. Despite friendly nature of a competition, you can meet a winner of competition on the left:


After the finish of competition participants gathered in a city center. Volunteers, municipality representatives and few people with disability gathered to plant some flowers to make Beypazarı even more cozy and beautiful place to live. All participants had an amazing afternoon cleaning and making Beypazarı even more enjoyable place to live and visits.After an exciting and long day participants finally gathered in a park to spend evening with Beypazarı locals. They get to know each other better and develop their relationship via help of sport. Participants took part of a Project ‘’Fair play 4 Inclusion ‘’ and participated in various sport activities, such as volleyball, football and badminton.


6th Day of the MAD EU Project in Beypazarı:

A new one has been added to the wonderful days spent by our volunteers in Beypazarı. Volunteers started the day energetically. As the first activity of the day, our volunteers went to the field in Beypazarı and carried out activities to pick up carrots and spinach from the field as a part of agricultural activity.Images from the volunteers’ first activity of the day can be seen below: volunteers and workers picked up carrots spinach from the field and they made this beautiful day unforgettable by taking a precious photograph.


After this wonderful and experiential activity, our volunteers took a boat trip on the lake in Beypazarı. Our volunteers, who had the opportunity to observe the ancient ruins around the lake, were informed by getting great information about the history of the district.

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As the last activity of the day, after completing the boat tour, they made a trip to the nearby touristic center called bird paradise with the tour guide. Thanks to this trip and activity, each of our volunteers learned about the bird species that lived and still lives in Beypazarı and some of the animal species that existed in the region before.

Are you ready to present what we did on day 7?

At the beginning we were informed that today was a fun day with activities for the environment.The location was in Karagöl Valley.A boy with special needs participated with us his name it is Yiğit,a boy with full of energy.The trip turned out to be for 20 minutes from Beypazar .Afer this we tooke a walk around the valley . 

Then we started with a picnic where there was no lack of games,talks and traditonal Turkish dance ,also dancing with different music,not to forget a delicious meal with a fantastic barbecue .The picnic did not lack acquaintances with the Turks who where there.In the end we cleaned the whole environment from debris .


We can say that it became a more beautiful valley from our hand.Afer returning from the picnic,although tired from the sun that coverd us there was also song from all together in the bus.There were also kite in the sky.To understand more about the activity of kite do not forget to follow us in the following days.Stay tuned! 



We started our 8th day of the project with the enthusiasm to explore the surroundings of Beypazari by hiking in Kelebekler Vadesi, near Kozalan. We’ve admired the beautiful landscapes and their reach flora, while socializing with locals and school students that were also enjoying a warm Sunday in the nature. We ve shared our passion for the environment and pointed out the importance of leaving the untouched places that we discover the way we found them: clean.


After savouring a delicious local lunch in Beypazari, we made our way to the History and Culture Museum of Beypazari, where we had the opportunity to learn more about local customs and traditions, especially regarding the celebration of marriage. 


Of course we couldn’t leave the museum without making sure that its garden is in perfection condition, so we gladly helped the caretakers of the museum to remove the weed that was growing around the building, transforming the appearence of the entrance into a more welcoming one.


Later, we met with the district's cultural manager, Zafer Poyraz, at the tennis court and he gave us information about the tricks of playing tennis.

We ended our day with one of our favorite activities, Fair Play4Inclusion, where we played tennis and ball with our local friends. 


Day 9 at Beypazarı


We met in front of the dormitory at 09:30 in the morning and went to the faculty to water trees. Before starting work, we had a little chat with the students at the faculty. Then we helped each other while watering the trees.


After we finished our work at the university, we set out to make kites at Beypazarı Secondary School. We met the students, teachers and principal of the school. They welcomed us very well. Technology and design teacher Ahmet Bey showed us how to make a kite. We got together quickly with the students and they helped us make kites. Some students gained self-confidence by trying to speak English with our friends.


Some of us were making kites for the first time, and some of us had done it when we were kids. First, we started with making the skeleton of the kite. Then we strengthened our skeleton by making cuts on the ends of the skeleton and wrapping rope around it. It took us some time to do these. We set off for lunch. After dinner, we returned to secondary school and continued to make kites. We cut the plastic material in suitable sizes and dressed it on the skeleton. And as the last step, we made the tail part. We helped each other in this part.


After we finished our kites, we tried it at school first, and some of our kites were torn. We fixed the torn kites and kept trying.


We went to the restaurant where we had lunch for the Romanian and Italian Culture night event, which is the last event of the day. First, Teodora and Alina cooked us their traditional dish, Mămăligă, and gave us information about Romania. Nikhil cooked Italian Tortilla and Indian dish chicken butter masala for us. It was a great experience to say the food of different cultures.


What is ESC Mad You? The project named MAD you. You can Make a Difference will consist of:

  1. 4 Advanced planning visits (APV), they will involve 2 members from each organization (1 volunteer + 1 manager) and take place on the venue where each volunteering activity will be implemented, 3 weeks before.  Through the APV, we will:
  • Have the chance to meet in person with the representative of each organization
  • Give the chance to the volunteers attending the APV to have a first sight of the activities;
  • Make improvements of amendments to the program;
  • Sign partnership agreements;
  • Revise the assigned tasks, if any. 
  1. 4 Volunteering activities, they will involve 50 volunteers and take place in 
  • Beypazari province, Ankara City,Turkey, 
  • Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Me), Italy, 
  • Ferrol, Spain, 
  • Oasis Oumifiss (rural area of Laqsabi Targoust, province of Guelmim), Morocco. 

The main reasons why the partner organizations are implementing this project are:
  • to create and expand their network with new partners from different countries and work within their professional field. Through this project they can work in a consolidated network implementing actions with a similar goals, sharing their ideas, sharing tasks and gaining more knowledge as well as experiences via individual carried-one activities;
  • to share and adopt new ideas, deepen knowledge from more experienced organisations;
  • to establish a first step on a long-lasting cooperation;
  • to mark an important action in the local communities and societies where the actions will take place.