"I am a woman with goodwill, and I've opted for Ankara as a volunteer, believing that humanity is a fundamental key to a successful sustainable future. As a matter of fact, developing an international network expands a strong interconnectedness between nations which will serve us well for the years to come."

I am Aya Hannashi. I'm 25 years old. I firmly believe that the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. That's why being a global volunteer would be one of the greatest cross-cultural opportunities, which paves me the way to engage with people from over the world. Consequently, we share the same goals to make peace comes true and build bridges between nations. We also learn how to respect each other's way of living and work together to create a fruitful future. In addition to that, working in an NGO is an experience closer to the field I study, which is International Relations. Since I'm infatuated with humanitarian activities, this program was the most appropriate for me to manage my major in a practical way. I'm so grateful to my friend who proposed me this opportunity, and I cannot regret it. My wish from now on is to promote these actions and get ready to create the best version of a peaceful world.