ALI: "The 2nd week of Young Geeks project, next to Ohrid Lake. It was nice to meet our friends again, go to swim after enjoyable sessions and develop business idea meanwhile. Coordinators of both North Macedonia and Albania have done great job with their supportiveness, kindness and professionalism. Thanks Alba, Goran and your colleagues :). This week, our main focus was to analyze the data of our surveys, work on MVP and personal pitch. I have noticed what I am doing well and wrong when I introduce my self in a business context. Also I have grasp the importance of simplicity and time. Thanks to Tila and Astrid, we have improved our business model and we have already found a potential business partner. Our next step is to implement steps of our model :) . And of course, thank you S&G and Jacopo for this opportunity!"

DOĞUKAN: "Our education continued in Struga, the beautiful city of Macedonia after Korça. In this part of the training, we continued, elaborated and rethought our business plans. Our plans, which are getting more serious with each passing day, have gradually reached the level that can be materialized. Struga is a city that should definitely be visited and seen. It is a wonderful city with a 600-year-old Ottoman cemetery, Lake Ohrid, Drim River and warm-blooded people. Just like Korça, it is a city where Islam and Christianity live together in peace. At the same time, there are many Turkish families in the city. Our trainer, Ms. Tila, guided us as always with her knowledge and experience. I learned gains that will make our lives much easier in the future. I send my love and respect to her. The participants, on the other hand, were extremely active and we understood the seriousness of the project even more now and we embraced our plans with all our faith. I hope to see these beautiful people in future projects. I look forward to Italy and Greece."

SELIN: "The second week of a highly successful agenda was as satisfying as the first. We had the chance to complete entrepreneurship education in Struga, on the shore of Lake Ohrid, the pearl of Macedonia. It would be fair to say that our trainer Asetilla Köstinger's devoted work and always supported us during the 5 days that passed by increasing the efficiency of all participants. During the training, we realized that we young people have the power to realize our ideas and we learned not to be afraid to take the first step. It was a pleasure to be a part of Young Geeks and to learn how to create a business model with different cultures. When this whole process combined with the beautiful Struga and the extremely hospitable Macedonian people, we took a one-week break from the real world. It was a perfect chance to live the experience.I would like to thank the very valuable System and Generation association for all this beautiful education and project."

Dr. AHMET: "Get Empowered with Entrepreneurial minds, Knowledge and Strategies” was a great training course which we had an opportunity to learn many novel perspectives about entrpreneurial ideas and these ideas' building and presenting, from the business model canvas to 3-minutes speech. I think that this entrepreneurship-oriented training course held in Struga, was fruitful for all participants. Also  we met new friend from different countries. We found the opportunity to share our thoughts and got to know our cultures better. I hope that we will find a chance have such an experience with all great friends again. Thanks to this training, I undoubtedly think that I will be able to make more competent and more effective projects in my own fields of interest in the future. I am glad to be part of this program, and of course I am grateful for System and Generation association for this chance.
And as a finally, I must say before I forget ''Keep calm and swim in The Lake Ohrid"

ÖZLEM: "When I attended the training, I only had a business idea. Now I know how to manage and strengthen this business idea. I know the methods I need to apply. That’s why I believe I will succeed with more practice and the right strategy.
Everything I have learned is so valuable that everyone should know and strive for their goals!"

JACOPO: "I am so grateful to "Volunteers Centre Skopje" and "Young Geeks" for organizing this highly succesfull project. I feel so glad that your Turkish youth could take part in this learning-journey experience, I think they will keep these memories in their heart forever, and I am sure that the new competencies acquiried during the training will be much useful for their future personal and professional development.
I feel so proud of the Turkish team. 
Thank you Alba, Tila, Young Geeks, Volunteers Centre Skopje."