Hello everyone! 

My name is Noemy Biagini, and I am a 21 years old Italian girl.

I just finished my second year of University, and I am attending a BA in Global Governance.  

I grew up in a family which has always valued the importance of multiculturalism, making me a curious and empathetic person.

I have been volunteering since an early age for some local associations, which made me aware of the different and complex realities around us. My ambition is to work in the Environmental Development and Natural Disaster sector. I decided to apply for Impact NGO  Ankara project to have a first-hand volunteering experience in a different country with a  culture and territory which deeply fascinates me. 

From this project, I expect not only to cooperate to improve the ongoing situations in Turkey but also to develop my skills and meet new dedicated and passionate people willing to make a difference.

One of my favorite quotes is a very ancient proverb that says, " When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills. " 

It's been just one week that I am here in Ankara, but I already know that with this exceptional person I met, we will be able to build our own powerful windmill.