Merhaba, my name is Alberto and I'm 28 years young. 
Like a tree, let's start with the roots. 
My roots are in South Italy, to be precise in the heel of the boot. Italy is a peninsula, and my region is a peninsula in the peninsula. You could say I'm living in a fractal! For these geographical reasons, Italy was always a popular destination for different civilizations that influenced and put their imprinting on us, enriching our substrate.
Now lets pass to the trunk and the branches of this tree.
I really don't know how to define myself. My best definition could be: curious traveler of both inside and outside realms. I had several experiences in several fields, but I'm still in search of my real purpose and of what make me feel alive and happy. This process of self knowledge and awareness brought me here in Ankara. I wish I could take the most of this experience, and to be inspired by all the gems of Turkish culture, helping me to grow, just like a fertilizer do!
Now let's talk about my wish. The buds.
One day these buds will blossom, and the flowers will gift beautiful colours and scents and sweet pollen. With time and love fruits will be ripen and ready to nurture those whom are in need. 
This is how I feel living on planet earth should be... Helping each other, collaborate on one another dreams, and sharing the fruits of this hard work all together like a big family! Inshallah!