System and Generation continues to give its contribution towards raising awareness on the sensitive issue of forced migration and refugee crisis. The latest activity that S&G was part of was 'Craft the Camp' and online and interactive game that gave the participants the chance to interact and experience for some hours the life of a refugee


Craft The Camp was an online gamified learning experience led by Youth BCN that took place on the 19th, 20th and 21st of March of 2021. This activity brought together 20 young participants from different countries around Europe with the aim of exploring and learning more about the refugee crisis in Europe, its current situation and how they can help. 

During this online learning experience, we had round table discussions, debates, role-plays activities powered by free open crafting world games, a virtual human library and brainstorming for innovative ideas on how to take action in the refugee crisis. 

Two of the highlights of the event were the creation of a refugee camp following the standard of the UNHCR, and using a Minecraft type of game where all the participants cooperated to achieve it. As well, the virtual human library had such interesting “human books” as the president of the Greek organization I.D.E.A, focused on empowering people to make solidarity actions; The project manager of ARSIS, a Greek organization working with unaccompanied refugee minors; One refugee from Syria in Turkey that volunteers in System and Generation, Ankara; One Spanish social worker from Catalonia that volunteered in refugee camps in Greece; And one field-worker translator in a refugee camp in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

All in all, the first of its kind online event was a total success and will have new editions in the future.