I am Omer Faruk Sonmez.
I am a 20-year-old university student. I had the opportunity to be sent by s & g to a european solidarity program project that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. I will try to explain to you how this unique volunteering experience has affected my life. First of all, even getting out of your comfort zone is a struggle in itself but this struggle is a process that develops and improves you, not tiring and wearing you. It is an incredible experience for you to communicate with people who live, believe and think differently than you and establish a bond with them through common values. I got to know the culture of a different country in Bulgaria and demonstrated teamwork with my other volunteer friends.

Together we produced solutions to the problems, and implemented the solutions. We experienced how difficulties you cope with be a good memory for you later on. I want to express my warmest thanks to both sending and hosting organizations. I definitely recommend you to be part of an ESC project!