I am Francesca from Italy.
Someone already knows me.
I have been a volunteer with S&G before.
I came here for two months.
I was just graduated;
I wanted to accomplish the dream to visit Turkey at least once in my life. and after those two months, here we are, again!
When the short-term volunteering project was over, there was this feeling of bitterness.
I couldn't imagine that two-months were enough to get attached to a country and a new life. And instead...
Volunteering is a life-changing experience. It's not merely to spend time abroad where you have fun every day and idle all the time.
Volunteering is more: it is being part of a family; it is being active and create a "safe space" for people.
It is to believe that people are mainly good and your actions are oriented to add a little bit of "goodness" to society. 
When you become a volunteer, you embrace a set of values.
Once you started on this path, you will always be a volunteer because your approach to life will be people-oriented.
And it gives so much happiness. 
So here I am, for a 10-month experience.
The place that was supposed to be a "temporary" adventure became Home.
Ankara, S&G, Turkey become the place I want to grow, evolve, and be happy.
Good luck to me, and good luck to those who are reading this post, so that you can find finally the courage to leave your comfort zone and become a volunteer, locally and/or internationally.