Hello, I am Nurunnisa.
I was one of those volunteer's in Primorska send by S&G.
I have been in Bulgaria once or twice but this time with this project I learnt their culture deeper. Because living there is different but living with them is much more different. Gives you chances to comunicate even if you are not able to speak the same lenguage.
The project was about to help people, without judging them with their color, language, religion etc. in the Red Cross.
The situation was so difficult it was about to winter, it was cold there were less people in Primorsko (cuz of the season) it was small city but we hade such a good friendship and guidance the people who helps us was very polite and respectfull.
Especially for religious issues (they even thought of my meal to not to be haram).
They took us to visit some of georgous cities in Bulgaria.
They were caring about our happiness and problems which we faced there.
It was special and teachable short term project.
I will never forget and lose contact with those beatiful people which I met there.
Thank you all to choosing me to be a volunteer.