Hi, my name is Buse.  I’ve participated short term project in Bulgaria. This project was related to Bulgarian Red Cross in Primorsko. Me and my friends have helped people in surrounding villages a few times. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do things about volunteering properly due to pandemic. Instead of this, we met with amazing people and became family with unknown people.
Early days, we tried to adapt to a foreign country together. Happily, I was part of a wonderful group and  it wasn’t difficult for us. We were a perfect team that have different views but respect for each other. I met with people have different culture, religion and language. I experienced to help and compromise them without judging. It was the main purpose of the project. We went to great museums and sightseeing in another cities in the weekends. Meanwhile, restrictions about pandemic was increased and we had to move to Sofia in the second month of our project. Sofia was pretty good. People from many different cultures were living there.
Also, we could meet volunteers from another associations. It was a wonderful two months for me.