Hello, I’m Dogukan from Turkey.

I attended an unforgettable ESC project in North Macedonia. I spent 10 months in there, most of the time in quarantine days. However, the warm hearts from VCS and sunny weather in Skopje made my time so enjoyable and gorgeous. Macedonian culture is so close to Turkish culture because of the same background of our histories. I never feel lost or alone in this nice culture, people were always ready to help. I learned too many things especially IT skills. I can use Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Canva, and other designing tools.
Also, I learn how to share an appropriate social media post on behalf of an NGO. I didn’t only learn something from Macedonia, I also experienced many things. I experienced many historical cities around Macedonia as well as the wonderful mountain near Skopje. The most important part of the ESC Project was my team. Everyone in the team (staff, other volunteers) tried each other’s work to make it easier. Living in an intercultural place with many different cultures was not easy at all. Everyone has different behavior, different sensitivity. However, even in this hard COVID-19 situation, as a team, we always try to catch a harmony. When I look at my 10 months, I feel so lucky to had my teammates and friends in Macedonia. I hope that we will see each other again soon.