System and Generation has been part of the long term project titled: ‘Young People and Volunteering’. This is a European Commission funded project and a partnership built among Balkan countries and Turkey. In the frame of this project, leader association, ‘Qendra Impakt’ hosted virtually the closing conferences on 5th December 2020, Regional Conference "Young People and Volunteering".   

This conference gave the chance to the partners involved to publish the findings of the research done throughout the Balkan countries on volunteering .    

System and Generation was represented by Mrs Esmeralda Kashari (Coordinator & Youth Trainer) and Mrs Patricia Jimeno Fernandez (Young Entrepreneur). During the conference,  Mrs Kashari emphasized ‘ …In terms of volunteering this year has highlighted the real spirit of volunteering, since it has been rather difficult to implement volunteering activities especially at international level, so the ones who joined volunteering projects, did it with the clear willingness to make a change in the community where they delivered their service’’.  

The main agenda of this event was as below:

- Young people and volunteering: the role of Central Public Institutions

- Volunteering impact on Regional Youth Collaboration, Reconciliation and Peace

- 100 years of promoting global peace through volunteering

- Presentation of the Research Data: Perception of Youth in Volunteering in the

- Models of Volunteering in 2020