On 23rd of November (Monday), volunteers of System and Generation Association, Matteo(Italy), Alessandro(Italy), Enrique(Spain), Maricica(Romania), Mustaf(Macedonia), Huri(Georgia), Anastasia(Russia) were on visit of Turkey’s first Turkish History Park and Museum
 in Etimesgut Municipality, in cooperation with Turkey Home Health and Social Services Association, and Ankara Branch. 
Mr. Tahsin Polat, Deputy Mayor of Etimesgut Municipality  gave information to our Young Volunteers about the Turkish History Park and Museum.
The volunteers were hosted from municipality and they had the opportunity to visit the Turkish History Park and Museum in which there was described the history of Turkish nation and their predecessors, but this time differently, with sculptures. At the entrance of the Park, there were two sculptures of Bilge KAGAN and Bilge HATUN, representing the equality between men and women in the Turkish culture. Sculptures were placed in chronological order, starting from the earlier periods of Turkish history, towards the most modern times. In the middle of the Park, what was considered to be the heart, were sculptures of 16 founders of sixteen Turkish Sates. Next to it was part in which were placed 7 founders of seven modern Turkic Republic Founders (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Northern Cyprus and Turkey). The Turkish History Park and Museum has also its internal part, the part of Museum (under construction), in which were 4 enormous artworks, also in chronological order, each more important than the other. (Malazgirt War 1071; Constantinople 1453; Turkish Independence War 1915).
The idea of Turkish History Park and Museum (Turk Tarih Parki ve Muzesi) was impressive for all the volunteers and seems that shall be an example for other countries and nations