Cześć ,My name is Rüya.

Life... People always have an opinion for you. Unwittingly you find yourself surrounded by many rules, boundaries and society values that you behave in harmony with. One day I chose to go beyond this limit live in a completely different culture for a year to discover what could happen and what I could be.

I volunteered at a kindergarten in the Polish city of Kielce. It was small city full of legends. In addition to my kindergarten, I organized many activities during the project and supported the office when needed This can be a workshop, create city games for children, participate in language summer camp for teenagers. During Lockdown I recorded many you tube videos for my kids. Working with little children taught me one of the most important lessons to look at life as if I was a child. Children are not blocked or limited by the beliefs and rules that are usually present in adult life. I was born again at the age of 30 in Poland. My nickname was Granny in Poland. ;)

Our volunteer team was mixed not only in terms of cultures but also in term of age. We were 17 volunteers. As the oldest volunteer in the group was a great experience for me to be able to look at life from 17 different perspectives. 

I believe that knowing a language is the first step to understanding a culture. During a year I learned with great pleasure Poles, their history, their pain, religion and culture. I also learned that sometimes we did not need to use words to understand each other. 

Throughout the project I realized again that no matter what culture we represent, we resemble each other as human beings. Tolerance and empathy are the most important factors in understanding a culture. Being flexible and respectful at work has many positive effects, even for those who have bad prejudices about your culture.

I am so thankful about having this experience. I found courage to change my life desires and focus more myself. Touching people’s life is the most amazing and priceless. Good or bad, I have great memories and friends. Some things are only experienced once in a lifetime. So I will miss Pierogi and Polish cakes and all my friends.

Also I want to say last thing;

Don’t underestimate volunteering and discover yourself, you can make a difference in people’s lives.

You can see some photos from Poland.

Thank you to everyone who came into my life. 

Do widzenia!