Hi everyone,   

I am Hasan and  I am from Turkey. I was volunteer in Latvia for 12 months. It was amazing experience.  I met many other volunteers while there. Latvia is beautiful country but winter is very cold. My project was helping elderly people, At first, when I arrived there I didn’t  know local language. It was a little bit problem but I could managed that. I was walking with elderly people everyday. It was great to be with them. Sometimes we were watching TV and sometimes we were painting. Ihile I was with them I got learn more about the Latvian culture. I loved the Latvian cuisine, especially frikadelu zupa. This soup is very delicious.  While I was there I was trying to cook latvian food,  sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. I was cycling in my free time when I was there. I was walking in the forest with other volunteers. We were trying to learn Latvian with the other volunteers there, it was a great experience indeed. I sometimes had difficulties, but I overcame them. Someday I was attending workshops there. Once we build kites and flew in the air. It was so much fun.

At times,  I tried to plant something in the garden nearby but unfortunately, I failed as the plants didnt grow :))), but it was important to me to try.

I will never forget my experiences in Latvia. I had a great time there. Latvian people are very friendly. we did many activities there. I will tell about one. we walked in the forest. Someone hid something there, we tried to find it. It was a great thing. Participating in a social responsibility activity in a foreign country as a volunteer was a great experience for me. I've been through a lot of great things there. It was there where I discovered that helping the someone affects a person in a positive way. I wondered about Latvian history while there. I've read a few things about latvian history. Latvia is indeed an interesting country. Latvian nature, food and history are very interesting.