System and Generation Association is glad to announce that its project proposal titled "Our Name is Fair Play 4 Inclusion" ID N° 622660-EPP-1-2020-1-TR-SPO-SSCP, submitted within the "Small Collaborative Partnership" Action of the Erasmus+ Program, Sports section, has been successfully approved.
"System and Generation Association" is the applicant and coordinator organization of this Action that involves also 3 international partners:
1) “Asociacion Entrejuegos” from Spain;
2) "Centre for Capacity Building & Empowerment" from Sweden;
3) “Associação Inspira! – Intervenção juvenil e Ambiental” from Portugal.
Through this Action and through the strength Network that would be established thanks to it, we want to address all the most important objectives of the European Policies in the field of Sport, in particular: 
- To encourage physical and mental fitness and to fight obesity;
- To prevent and treat mental illnesses and physical diseases;
- To foster a sense of Social Inclusion through Sport, particularly for marginalized groups;
- To reduce racism and xenophobia and to create gender equality through Sport;
- To promote greater participation in Sport through physical education programmes in schools.
The project is framed in an 18 months length, and it will be implemented through several meetings and events, both online and offline.
The Erasmus League”, the final event of this project, would represent a unique contest in which many actors would be involved, aimed at promoting the value of Fair-Play as an essential part of successful involvement, promotion and development in both sport and life, that lead people to tolerance and respect for others. We believe in fact that the value of Fair-Play, focused not in winning and excelling over others, but instead in fairness and justice in contexts of sport tournaments as well as in life, allows people to integrate into society and create a sense of teamwork.