I’m Huri Askerova.
I’m 25 years old.  I live with my family in Marneuli (District of Georgia),but after being admitted to the University, I moved to Tbilisi.  
I graduated from The Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Tourism and Management
I can say that 5 years were very difficult for me.
As I was 18, I had never lived away from my family for that moment and had never taken responsibility to live alone. 
I worked in many jobs from the beginning of the University, until graduation. I worked in a variety works. It was really difficult to study at the same time. Sometimes I had to miss classes , due to that I graduated from University one year later that usual. From my work experience I realized that shop assistance and waitress were the most difficult jobs for me.When I worked in the store, my shift was at night.  I can say that they were the most difficult days of my life. I wish I could work in more comfortable work, however at that moment I had no work experience and my Georgian was not good as well. I promised myself that I wont be a burden for my family and I will earn money for my own expenses and as time passed when I was in third course my Georgian got better.
I followed the advice of my friend and started working at Georgian Public Broadcaster.
I worked as a journalist for 2 years at GPB. When I worked there, I really found myself. 
And I said to myself, "Yes , you have to go this way, darling!" Now I work as a translator.
If you ask me "Why you do not work at the work which based on the faculty you graduate" I would answer like this, I never took a risk and didn't even send my CV. However, after completing this program, my first priority will be starting searching for that job.
It was a really a good chance for me to join this program. And I have to appreciate it to the fullest. 
I always wanted to have friends from different countries. As I am interested in different cultures, lifestyles and worldview.
 I can say that, I am a socially responsible person. I love taking photos, especially portraits and people's eyes.  
The place I live , young people don't have condition to go to abroad and improve themselves.
I always wanted to go abroad, get new experiences, learn new languages, meet new people and their culture.
I want to share my experience with the youth what I learned from your voluntary service.
I want to show them that you can do it too, you can go abroad too.
I want to show them that it's not impossible.
Because the person who really want something will find 1000 opportunities, ones who do not want 1000 reasons to give up.