Hello friends. My name is Elena Glogovac. I am a 27 year old  Macedonian living in the capital city of Skopje,  where I finished Turkish language and literature at the Faculty of Philology.
In the meantime I was once a part of the ,,Work and Travel’’ programe in the USA, and in the following years I worked  a couple of contracts for  one of the biggest  cruise lines in the world. It was such a life changing experience, which made me more indepent, open and aware of the environment we live in and how we are treating it. I learned a lot about how much we missbehave and how many things we need to change in our everyday life, when it comes to the environment.  Now, if you ask me, ,,why volunteering’’?  I would say that the question should be ,,why not’’? Because, it costs you nothing to help the ones in need, or maybe contribute in making the environment a better place to live. In that way, you make the others feel good, which also makes you proud and happy, knowing that you went just a little bit the extra mile, for a better tomorrow. The reason why I chose Turkey, is because it’s  a very friendly country and the people here make me feel like home, so making even a small change here, will not only  make me feel like I made a change somewhere in the world, but I made a change home.