Handbook “Valued by You, Valued by Others” - Improving the visibility of competences in Youthpass

 - by Anita Silva, Darko Markovic and Paul Kloosterman

Working on a Youthpass certificate has an important value of its own – it is an educational process giving young people enhanced self-awareness, more confidence and the ability to reflect on what they may want to learn next. However, Youthpass can also be helpful when it comes to presenting their acquired competences to others.

We are often asked about how the value and transferability of the Youthpass certificate can be ensured in situations when a young person may need to provide proof of their competences and experience. “How can I present my learning outcomes in a way that ensures that they are exchanged for credit points or recognised in job applications?” they ask.

“Valued by You, Valued by Others” takes a closer look at these issues and attempts to answer some of them.

This handbook focuses particularly on two main contexts in which Youthpass holders may want to present their competences – one, when they are applying for jobs and two, in the context of formal education and validation. Before learning outcomes are communicated, they need to be collected and meaningfully documented, so a large section of the handbook is dedicated to reflection.

Download the complete Handbook HERE