On 26th June 29, 2020 System and Generation Association  team had the honor to pay a visit to the rector of Social Sciences University of Ankara, Prof. Dr. Musa Kazım ARICAN.

The main reason of this visit was to discuss about the details of a fruitful cooperation with ASBÜ that started its journey on 26TH June 2020.

System and Generation in collaboration with ASBÜ got approved by Ankara Regional Development Agency the project entitled ‘Social Innovation Youth Center Ankara’ (Ankara Sosyal İnovasyon Gençlik Merkezi) as abbrev. ASIGM.

This project will take place in the Campus of ASBÜ with a total duration of 18 months.

This project aims at:

- Informing students about Social Entrepreneurship and latest trends of innovation;

- Involving youngsters in concrete actions in the local community;

- Raising awareness about importance of Social Entrepreneurship for the social and economic life;

- Contributing to the decrease of unemployment;

- Promoting the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals);


In addition, S&G had the chance to give a full picture of its involvement in Youth Field, its past project in the field of Entrepreneurship as well as delivered some symbolic gifts to the rector.

We visited the Campus where the offices of ASIGM will be settled. We look forward to put in practice this project and thus to enhance the dreams of many students.