At first I thought that I would face have some communication problems with the teachers and also director as we dont have a common language and our English skills were not the best,  but thanks to the support of Victoria and Sonata all went smooth.
Besides that I still can not express myself as I would like to because my best skill is speaking and also jokes or etc. but sometimes i try to understand lithuanian and other teachers try to understand english but it doesn't work always.
Im trying to learn Lithuanian so I use also google translate and body language to express myself better. But  its fun though! Due to all the good vibes and support, I dont have any longer communication problems. But I could have been more active if everyone could speak English.
Besides that everyone is so cute and im very very glad to be there.
From director to all teachers I liked everybody. I hope they liked me too. About the children I have some observations and also analyses. I saw that in the younger classes some of the children has a problem about  appropriation of the toys or items in the class but older children have no problem like this. I believe that this comes from their families maybe their older brothers or sisters have effects on this situation. And some childs seem like they have some bad attitude or indifferences. I believe also this situation comes from their families because every baby or child born without any bad feelings or attitudes. If they become one so the problem is their families style to grow them.
I think all children are like an empty bottles the thing is with what we should fill these bottles. In older classes the problems are less. For now my thoughts are these about this topic. About teaching English to children, I have the impression that the children at older age then the rest, are more open to learning English.
Because they all can speak Lithuanian already so they have one language and they can learn English easier. It is little bit hard to teach youngers because they sometimes also don't understand Lithuanian and this makes it little bit hard. And I have some observations also about the differences between the children here and the Turkey.
These children are very good educated about their responsibilities and their self developments than turkish children. I think its because the differences about turkish and lithuanian culture. In our culture we don't give them many responsibilities because we have more emotional behaviors to them.
So the Turkish children are better about emotional things. I know I wrote very long but I wanted to express myself and also didn't want to skip anything. I am very happy and proud to be here and working with you.