Hello I am Gabriele from Italy and I have been living in Turkey since the beginning of January.

Until few weeks ago when someone in shops, cafès, schools or everywhere else was asking me “Nerelisin?” (Where are you from?) always people were so glad to listen my answer, they started to smile, ask me something about my country, tell me that we are so similar in culture and habits. This has given me a lot of joy, the fact of feeling so connected with people. Now, instead, when I answer “Italy”, this powerful and worrying word, I can not see anymore the same smile, but I can see on their faces some displeasure, something that makes them worried and anxious.

Some friends sometimes makes me some jokes, as for example: "I won't shake your hand!" or stuff like that, Ama benim için bu şaka yok! (for me this is not a joke!).

My family is far from me and I am worried because my dad has some healty problems and for him this virus could be lethal. For this reason I start to feel uncomfortable when people for hours speak about this topic, that I myself am able to recognize that should not be understimated, and also because concentrate our speeches only about this won't change the situation.

Nevertheless, with my friends I wrote a stupid song, which lyrics is like this: HER İNSANLAR BANA SOYLE ITALIANO CORONA, AMA BEN VIRUSUM YOK, ÇUNKU BEN INSANIM, NEDEN SEN FAZLA SALAKSIN? (Every people say to me Italian Corona, but I am not a virus, because I am just person, why are you so stupid?)

When I sing it with friends we are laughing about these words, because they say the truth, I am human, we are humans. We should not forget this. I repeat my opinion: do not understimate, but at the same time do not panic.

I am not a doctor, and for this I encourage to listen what competent people advice us to do and on how to behave. We must try not to create alarmism, but to try to feel united for the respect of our dignity as humans, for the people that we love.

Today I could be discriminated, but tomorrow that person that is discriminated could be you or someone who you love.

We should not let that panic steals us the power of beautyness that humans have inside themself.

As a nice song that I like says we must stand tall and face all together. LET’S DO IT HUMANS, ALL TOGETHER.