This project was the first one in which I have ever participate. So I was really excited about it, because of this trip and of course because it would have been the first of somethings in my life.
I have never feel like that before. Because you are coming from a country that it's culture is totally different from others and I can say that this situation is same for the other participants too. 
   In my opinion, the most exciting and funny part of this course was the culture exchange among the totally different nationalities. That's why I really enjoy while the cultural night. In the cultural night, all participants have to introduce their country, culture, maybe history and so on. You can add some other things. But the great part of it for me is the national snacks and drinks part.  During this part you can taste the traditional foods and enjoy it.
    However, I had some fears besides with my excitement. When I see the training schedule for the first time I had some prejudices about this program will be so strict. But eventually it wasn't like that. Our course was so interactive, it was not like a lecture, our trainers was so friendly. They always invited us to form teams that will be work together and create some solutions to our national, personal and countries' conflicts. It was so good, because it was not all about the learning conflicts and offering solutions to these, it was also like meeting a new culture and lifestyle. I believe that the keypoint of learning a new culture is the learning the problems of that country. Because life is not black or white, it is always grey. I can say that this part of the training is the most touchy one for me. 
    Another significant moment for me the presentations. We made two presentations, one was about the problems and conflicts of the Turkey. In this presentations we tried to break the prejudices against Turkey and explain our national problems. I think that was informative for the other participants that knew little about us.
In the other presentation we formed groups which consisted from participants from different countries. Our group included two Turkish, one Latvian, two Palestinian and two Egyptian. While we made that presentation we aimed to touch these topics: Zionism, Nazism and Class Struggle. We chose these topics because we thought that these ones is the most significant problems of the last century and today's. We have to talk about these every time and stand against these together. If we don't, we can be considered as one of them that who commit that brutally. 

    Also we had a free day that we can explore Berlin and also at the beginning of the day we visited the Holocaust Monument which is strongly related with our course subject. We remembered the most terrible event of the last century and it was so meaningful.

     To sum up, this training course was the best example of working and thinking internationally and this course was not just a course for me. It changed me. It was just a milestone of my life and it forced me to change my mindset and critical thinking style. I can say that this was a beginning of self-education program.     
    Now 3 months past from this project and I still miss that. I made a lot of friends from very different cultures and it was awesome.