System & Generation Association is a board member of European Network of Youth Centres (ENYC) since 2010 which is an extensive international cooperation between organizations working with the youth. We had our General Assembly (GA) this year in Kiato, hosted by FILOXENIA and by our Honorary Member Mr. Panos Poulos. In the GA, ll board members were represented (besides System&Generation Association also Youth Centre Villa Elba (Finland), Timis Country Youth Foundation – FITT (Romania), ACT for SOCIETY Centre (Albania), Youth Centre Krsko (Slovenia), International Youth Centre (Bulgaria) and our newly elected board member MOPKA Támasztpont (Hungary), as well as the majority of ENYC members namely Centre for Leisure Time Activities JUNIOR (Slovakia), Finnish Youth Centres Association (Finland), Jugendbildungsstatte Unterfranken (Germany), St. Andrews Family Resource Centre (Ireland).  
During the GA, we overlooked and evaluated in details the Activity Report 2019, and considering the conclusions of the previous years, we discussed, created, formulated and unanimously
accepted Activity Plan 2020. We envisaged several partnerships and joint applications for European projects (such as KeyAction1, KeyAction2 and KeyAction3 joint projects proposed by S&G to be implemented under the umbrella of the European Commission, as well as various volunteering exchange programs). We also set up our new webpage ( to provide all up-to date and general necessary information about our activities. We also agreed on the importance of involving further Youth Centres thus extending the network with potential and motivated partners, creating even more useful and colorful volunteering opportunities and motilities for youngsters around Europe and Turkey. 
We found the GA an outstandingly essential forum and space for meeting our experienced, deeply motivated and professional European counterparts where we all have the chance to share our best practices and ideas, concerns, barriers, future plans in an inspiring atmosphere and environment. We believe that 2020 will be a milestone in the life of ENYC, we wish to cooperate effectively with other members and our colleagues in the board, deepen our internal communication and also widen this vivid  network by finding and involving future members of Turkey in the network.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Liliana Toth