Art is a simple and effective tool that all can participate in, regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, and physical ability. Art also provides a voice for those who may otherwise lack an outlet. Recognising that art is a language of its own, Peace is An Artwork program encourages the use of art in all its forms, including traditional disciplines like music and theatre, and more unique forms such as animation and ornamenting.

I consolidate team working, creativity and gain artistic perspective during training with Augustin PARRA. Also, I learned how to do improvising in front of the people from Manuela FRONTONI and Luca VONELLA  on the last collective performance, we worked 3 hours in the same city, city of music. Also, we had a chance to see the Armenian history, culture, and Armenian journalist Hrant DINK from  Jaroslaw FRET's perspective. It was a really profound point, it was an informative addressing issue. When I watch Viviana BOVINO  demonstration against gravity I fascinated her Body in-flight method.
I’ve observed from all experience that Art refers to anything created with imagination and intended to convey beauty and/or to express important ideas or feelings. Art, whether in the form of theatre, sculpture, fashion or otherwise, can serve as a means of expressing emotions, such as anger, confusion, happiness or sadness. But, art can also exist “for art’s sake” and serve no purpose beyond its production. Art does not have to be aesthetically pleasing, nor does it have to follow stringent rules. The purpose of art is unique to each artist.


Now I'm asking again art can be a tool to solve a conflict maybe not directly, but art can make to raise awareness, art can create space where people share their ideas comfortably.İn Turkey, we have a quite different color for ethnic, religious and culture and all of them have quite a big history we want to live all of them together, but if they don't serve the authority or ıf stay against the authority they can not live anymore. I hope in the future we can do cooperation to keep alive those colors. And I invite you here to see our culture, life, and situation. I am thankful for all participants, Residui Theatre and System and Generation for offering such an opportunity.