EMIN: "The last amazing step 
I was in London between 27 october and 1 november as the last step of Scribershive project. It was an amazing experience for me. During the project we spent a great time together. 
I will talk about what we did from the beginning of first step until the last step. In the previous steps, we improved our writing, podcasting and drawing skills. Then we turned back to our countries, each of us wrote an article, drew a picture and made a video. When we came back to London this autumn, we shared our individual products. But we did not share these products only with the other participants - we shared our story in a show!!!!! It was a unique experience because I was a host in the project and I had never been a host before so this was very new and different experience for me. 
From the first day until the event’s night we got prepared for the event. We shared the tasks, discussed a lot about how it is going to work. During the night of the show, we had guests - they were amazing singers like Aysha and Espoir, and we shared our experiences with our audience. After the event we shared our feelings about the night and the full project. 
We had one more event, it was the Halloween party!!!! You can see the pictures below. You can get great experiences and new friends with Erasmus!!"
GOZDE: "Hello, every young soul! I am Gözde, 26 years old. When I first heard about this project, I really got excited and just felt like I need to be a part of it, I need to experience these wonderful moments projected for the UK. Before this project, I had no chance to visit the UK and see the beauty of London with my own eyes. That’s why I rushed to participate in the project with the aim of tasting London with many different people and experiences. 
During the preparation process, I felt anxious and nervous about the visa procedures and about the things ahead me. But then, when I got my visa within less than a week, I was really surprised and felt happy. My happiness and pleasure was risen up when I arrived in London and met a lot of nice people there. 
To be honest, everything was way better than my expectations. I had not expected to meet such beautiful people and see such a great environment around me. They were immensely open-hearted, full of understanding and tolerance towards others. We had a wonderful time together and shared a lot of precious memories full of knowledge and goodness. We were a huge family consisting of many participants from various countries and cultures. They all transferred their own cultural and individual values and we all had a big impact on each other. We learned from each other so many new things. 
We got to know each other better due to various activities and tasks organized by our trainers. We discussed many issues and tried to find common solutions for our common problems. We found the opportunity to refresh our minds and see our complex world with brighter eyes. The community of participants created a supporting atmosphere to widen our individual and personal values. We tasted the power of being more than one. 
As the departure time approached, a great sadness invaded my heart, but we all knew that we would again find a similar opportunity to experience similar moments and to continue exploring ourselves. In a nut shell, it was more than wonderful for me to be in London and highly worth my time and effort. I am grateful the S&G provided me this opportunity to experience such amazing moments with great friends. I highly recommend and encourage you all to taste the same feelings I had."