A 6-6 last minute tie save S&G from a grievous defeat!

The night belonged to Besher as he grabbed the last goal for the S&G Sport Club to secure at least a tie over the Ankara Regional Development Agency.
Recent weeks have seen the Syrian youngster come under increased criticism as mistakes have become almost inherent in every match for S&G Sport Club this season, in particular when facing the goalkeeper.
"I am really happy, of course. It was a really important game, I wanted to prove that our team deserve the major division of the Premier Volunteering League. We could at least tie and in the end it was thanks to my goal, so really special," Besher, 23, told to the BBC.

As in all the previous matches of the Premier Volunteering League season, S&G Sport Club have had plenty of opportunities, but in each, they have failed to take them. Remarkable the performance of the goalkeeper Yonatan, that saved his team from a debacle in many situations. 
S&G Sport Club's fans continued to whistle to their players, and Manager Gurkan Bey declared he can understand them as his team would have taken a major step towards the competition with victory at the Ankara Stadium.

Report marks on players' game: 

Yonatan 8: He saved everything he could. With Besher, the Man of the Match! 
Eduardo 6+: He played with high confidence, trying some ambitious skills. The impression is that sometimes he may have pretended too much. 
Burak 6,5: Effective, he played fairly. The technique must be improved.
Emmanuel 7: He is the start of the team, unstoppable, but we lost the count of his mistakes face to the goal! 
Jacopo 7-: Trying to put order in the midfield. Still not in his best condition, but he's improving. 
Kadir 7: powerful, effective, but something more is expected from him. Better on defense than in setting up the action.
Ahmad 6+: Not his best match of the season, chaotic, not very incisive. He should play more essentially. 
Besher 7,5: 3 goals, he responded in the pitch to lately journalist's criticism. Rediscovered Bomber.