“Trust Me, I Am a Volunteer.” Project was held during the dates of 16th – 24th October in Barcelona, Spain by partnership of S&G and Youth BCN. During 7 working days, 42 participants from Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany and Spain shared the experiences of volunteering. All the youngsters and the trainers have carried out various activities, debates and workshops in a harmony.

DUYGU DERE: Even though it has been my first Erasmus+ Project, it was beyond my expectations. The main purpose of the project was volunteering which has a significant meaning worldwide. The volunteering means taking on responsibility for the others without expecting anything in return. Within the light of this meaning,  We have participated in various volunteering activities such as cleaning the beach, helping the second hand shops working for charity purposes, feeding the birds and making bird houses out of bottles. We shared a lot about the volunteering, the other cultures and the team spirit among us. Thanks to S&G family and Youth BCN for this amazing project.

TARIK TAŞ: First of all, I have been volunteering in Turkey for so many years in different fields and levels. But this project provided me with the chance to experience volunteering activity in a different country. I would like to thank S&G for this unique experience. During the project, I learned a lot and I had the chance to exhibit my previous experiences in volunteering activity to other participants from other countries. It was a great pleasure for me. Hosting participants and trainers from Youth BCN were really friendly.

İLKSEN ALTUNTAŞ: Although it was the first volunteer project I participated in, it was very informative and enjoyable. In this project, we learned how to volunteer, create and implement our own volunteering projects. Some of our volunteering activities were cleaning the beach, helping employees in second-hand shops, feeding birds, cleaning up cigarette butts around our hotel, building birdhouses and so on. In addition to volunteering, it was very nice to establish new friendships and bonds and get to know new cultures. I would like to thank the system and generation association and youthbcn for this. Wishing to take part in other projects …

DILAN: Hi, I'm Dilan, this was my first Eramus+ project.  It was a great experience for me. I had a lot of fun and learned about volunteering. We cleaned the beach, volunteered at the shop selling second-hand goods, helped clean the  auditorium where we worked in the project. Meanwhile, I've made new friends, i've known new cultures and introduced our own culture as a team. I would like to thank S&G and Youthbcn for this experience.  

AYSU: Firstly,ı have been volunteering in Turkey and ı participated in Bulgaria project once. I gained several benefits from project as we discussed  about what is volunteering and how can you be a good volunteer.During the project ,organization used non-formal activities  for understanding our topic.Such as doing some workshops and energizer to be more  energetic and understand how should be in groupwork. Moreover while we were collecting trushs in the beach,peopled noticed all of us and they joined our volunteering activity. It was a great pleasure to meet with new peopleand learned their cultural features. I have improved my language skills when ı communicated with people who came from different country. Thanks to S&G family and Youth BCN for this wonderful project.


EMIR KAAN SARı: “Trust me, I am a volunteer.” was my first Erasmus+ project. I learned a lot about volunteering and working in a team. This project improved my speaking skills and I met new cultures, new people. Now I have a lots of friends all around the europe. It was a great experience for me. Also learned how to be a good volunteer  and how to write  volunteering projects. Thanks to YouthBCN and S&G.

Please find HERE the video of the project.